NTU Loyalty Award for Overseas Degree Students

This award represents our recognition of your academic achievements. We acknowledge your efforts, and welcome you to progress further with us.


Awardees must:

  • be an NTU international or overseas Chinese (including Hong Kong & Macao) student progressing towards a further degree at NTU
  • have applied and been accepted into a master or doctoral program before graduation (admitted from the 2022/2023 academic year onwards)

Students accepted in master programs shall have ranked in the top half of their class during the semester before their application.


Master Program: NTD 100,000 (USD 3,333)
Master’s awardees will receive NTD 50,000 following the registration of their 2nd and 3rd semesters respectively.

PhD Program: NTD 200,000 (USD 6,667)
Doctoral awardees will receive NTD 50,000 following their registration of each semester from the 2nd semester onward until the total amount is awarded.


There are no application procedures. All eligible students will automatically receive this award. Relevant college committees will review each awardee’s performance each academic year.

Additional Scholarships

Students may receive this award on top of any scholarships offered by NTU. Awardees are not restricted from receiving additional scholarships from the government or other organizations, unless the scholarship specifies otherwise.

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