Housing & Dining

Housing Accommodations

International, Overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macau, and Mainland Chinese Students are prioritized for on-campus housing.


There are several options and each dormitory provides a different experience. You can choose to live alone or have as many as 3 roommates. Furthermore, you can play pool workout, hang out in the lounge and more in the public areas of the dormitories.

Prince House

Prince House includes two dormitories: Shui-Yuan Dormitory and Chang-Hsing Dormitory. They provide a variety of accommodation needs for NTU students. The dorms include well-maintained public facilities and 24-hour front desk service. Students will enjoy a safe, convenient, and comfortable living space.

General Dorms

There are 21 dorms on campus, housing more than 8600 students. The majority of the dorms are specifically reserved for undergraduate students and provide a sociable community. All dorms have trained staff members who help out the students with all kinds of problems.


There are a variety of dining options on campus. There are cafeterias near the dormitories and convenience stores are scattered through campus. NTU also has fast food chains like McDonald’s, MOS Burger, and KFC on-campus, with additional 10% discounts for NTU students. The vast array of choices of food on NTU campus and nearby means there is something for everyone.

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