Academic Requirements

Undergraduate Programs: At least a high school diploma or equivalent
Master’s Programs: At least a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
PhD Programs: At least a Master’s Degree or equivalent


Applicants are required to submit their certificate of highest qualification earned and academic transcripts via the online application system. Applicants that will be graduating before the start of the semester of their expected admission (before August for the September entry, or before January for the February entry), but not before the time of their application may submit a certificate of expected graduation and a certificate of enrollment in place of their graduation certificate. However, said applicants must present the original copy of their graduation certificate upon registration, or will otherwise have their enrollment eligibility revoked.


Please note that the transcripts of national entrance examination such as SPM, STPM, SAT, or these categories of exams such as A-Level, O-Level, IBDP are only considered supporting documents.

Applying for an Undergraduate Program with a High School Equivalency Certificate

Applicants that wish to apply for an undergraduate program with a high school equivalency certificate issued in Hong Kong, Macao, or a foreign country, must provide the following:

  1. transcripts of results
  2. records of academic performance
  3. documentary evidence indicating that the applicant may take the local university entrance examination (issued by the competent education authority of the local government, and reviewed and endorsed by the admission committee of a particular university or by a joint admission committee)

For further details, refer to the Standards for Recognition of Equivalent Educational Levels for University Admission.

Note: Students whose graduating year is academically equivalent to the second grade of a senior secondary school in Taiwan of a comparable academic level and nature is considered to have adequate academic ability and may apply for an undergraduate degree program. However, they will be required to take 12 supplementary credits before graduation, in addition to their initial graduate credit requirements.

International Students Applying for an Undergraduate Program

Applicants cannot apply to an undergraduate program as an international student if they have taken/is taking a bachelor’s degree or any other programs of lower level in Taiwan for more than 1 year, with the exception of students from MOE approved schools for international residents in Taiwan or bilingual divisions (programs) affiliated to a domestic senior secondary school (Chinese version only).

Note: Students with dual citizenship should first check whether they are eligible to apply as an international student.

Applicants applying with a degree from Mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macao
Mainland China

Applicants applying with a degree from Mainland China are subjected to the following regulations:

  1. The university must be listed under MOE’s List of Recognized Higher Education Institutions in Mainland China (Chinese Version only).
  2. The period of study must fulfill the requirements of the Regulations on Academic Qualifications from Mainland China (Chinese version only).
Hong Kong or Macao

Applicants applying with a degree from Hong Kong or Macao are subjected to the following regulations:
The university must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Listed under MOE’s List of Recognized Junior Colleges and Institutions of Higher Education in Hong Kong (Chinese version only)
  2. The program, department, or institute must be recognized by the education bureau of Hong Kong or Macao, or by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications.

The applicant must meet the requirements stated in the Regulations Governing the Examination and Recognition of Educational Records from Hong Kong and Macao.

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