Career Development

For students, internships serve as the best stepping stone to open the door to their careers. National Taiwan University (NTU) students can always find internship opportunities through various channels provided by the university. They can apply their theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom to practical use in the workplace, whether it’s during the semester or summer/winter breaks. Relevant information can be obtained from the Career Center‘s website.


In addition, NTU offers a summer mentorship-style internship program specifically designed for overseas students called the “NTU International Mentorship Program.” This program is organized by the NTU Office of International Affairs, which invites government agencies, foreign institutions in Taiwan, businesses, startups, chambers of commerce, research institutions, and non-profit organizations to participate. High-level executives from these organizations serve as mentors for overseas students, allowing them to integrate theory with practice during the internship. The students not only learn by doing but also explore career development with mentors in their respective fields.


In 2024, the NTU International Mentorship Program invited 130 organizations, offering over 300 internship positions. More than 188 experienced industry executives served as mentors. Partner organizations included TSMC, Giant Group, Michelin Taiwan, Baker & McKenzie, representative offices in Taiwan by the U.S. states, and various foreign chambers of commerce, providing diverse and cross-disciplinary summer internship opportunities for overseas students.


In addition to domestic internships, NTU’s Office of International Affairs also initiated the first university-level overseas internship program in Taiwan, the “NTU Overseas Internship Program.” Selected NTU students are sent abroad during the summer to intern with overseas companies, NGOs, and research institutions. Similar to the Mentorship Program, the Overseas Internship Program emphasizes mentorship-style internships, with mentors from overseas organizations serving as “pilots.” This allows NTU students who have traveled far from home to experience foreign workplace culture, engage in international services, and develop their personal careers.


In 2024, the NTU Overseas Internship Program featured nearly a hundred internship positions provided by 50 mentors from 30 organizations in 15 countries. Partner organizations included IBM Research in the United States, The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and One Young World (the world’s largest youth leadership summit organization) in the United Kingdom, Forum For Human Rights in the Czech Republic, and the globally renowned human resources management consulting company Pasona Group in Japan, etc.
NTU Career Center

The NTU Career Center also provides professional resources such as career aptitude assessments and consultation, and also resume writing and interview workshops. The center regularly collects data to improve career development services and promote NTU Internship Programs to encourage students to prepare for employment. Every year, the VISION NTU Campus Recruitment Events include an on-campus job fair where students will be able to directly interact with recruiters.


There are other organizations in Taiwan that provide career development support for overseas students. For example, the Overseas Community Affairs Council holds a job fair just for Overseas Chinese students each year.

Working in Taiwan after Graduation

Overseas students can stay and work in Taiwan after graduating from NTU. Please check EZ Work Taiwan for more detailed information.


It is also possible to undertake an internship after your graduation.

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