Recommendation by Overseas High Schools

Overseas Chinese/Hong Kong & Macau students can apply to undergraduate programs at the National Taiwan University System (National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology) through this application channel.

Before Applying…

  1. Can you apply as an Overseas Chinese/Hong Kong & Macao Student? Check your eligibility. As applicants that do not meet the criteria for applying as overseas Chinese/Hong Kong & Macao students will not be considered for this application channel, it is important that you check your eligibility before starting your application.
  2. Check Academic Requirements
  3. Check Language Proficiency Requirements
  4. Check Conditional Admission
  5. Read Admission Guidelines

Application Procedures

Students that wish to apply through Recommendation by Overseas High Schools must first be recommended by their high school. Students will not be able to apply without a recommendation.

  • Find a Recommender

    Students who wish to apply to NTU through Recommendation by Overseas High Schools should first look for a recommender. Your recommender may be your high school teacher, the school counselor or the headmaster/headmistress. We advise that you find someone that is familiar with you and your achievements, as they will be able to better portray your strengths and provide a stronger recommendation.

  • Recommend Students

    Each school will need an account in order to recommend their students. For schools that do not have an account, a high school representative will have to register one. The school will have to be verified before the high school representative can log in to the system.

    Register (for schools that do not have an account)

    1. Click register
    2. Fill out school information
    3. Wait for verification (you will have to be verified before you can log in to the system to recommend your students)

    Recommend Students

    1. Log in to the high school representative system
    2. Recommend students (click“+” on the upper left)
    3. Fill in students’ information
    4. Click “Save” to complete recommendation

  • Applicants log in to the system

    After you have been recommended, you will be provided with an account and password via email, with which you can use to log in to the student application system and start your application.

  • Fill in personal information

    Personal information required include your full name in English (and Chinese, if applicable), date of birth, country of birth, country of residence, e-mail, parents’ information, etc.

  • Select departments

    Each applicant may apply to up to five departments per university. After applicants list their department preference, teachers can upload their recommendation letter for each department application.

  • Upload documents

    Documents Required for Eligibility Check

    • Proof for Country of Overseas Residence
    • Academic credentials in Chinese or English
    • Affidavit for Eligibility of Overseas Chinese/Hong Kong & Macau Students
    • Non-Household Registration Declaration (Hong Kong and Macau students with Foreign Nationality
    • Photograph

    Documents for Academic Review

    • Teacher Recommendation Letters
    • Personal Statement
    • Study Plan
    • Language Proficiency Certificates
    • Transcript for National Entrance Examination or International Baccalaureate (IB) Examination (not mandatory)

    Other Required Documents

    You may also upload any other documents that may be beneficial for your application, including certificates of excellence, competition, community involvement, student leadership, etc.

    For further details regarding each required document, please refer to our admission guidelines.

  • Upload recommendation letters

    The recommendation letters must be uploaded by the high school representative via the High School Representative system. Recommendation letters must written in either Mandarin Chinese or English. Teachers can choose to download the recommendation letter template on the system, or write their own.

    The recommendation letters are considered part of your application. You will only be able to submit your application after the your teacher has uploaded the recommendation letters for you. Please ensure that your teacher uploads the recommendation letters within the designated time frame.

  • Application fee

    The application fee for each applicant is NTD 2,000 or USD 80.

    After the payment is completed, no refund will be given under any circumstances, including but not limited to the withdrawal of application, failure to meet requirements, mistake in the payment and/or double payment.

Online Application System

Dates & Deadlines

2025 September Entry
Online application starts August 5, 11 am
Online application deadline October 3, 4 pm
Department admission decisions release date
*Official admission will be offered in February 2025 upon eligibility confirmation
December 19, 2 pm
Confirmation of acceptance deadline December 26, 2 pm
Admission decisions for waitlisted applicants release date January 3, 2 pm

Tips from Students