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Available Degree Programs
National Taiwan University offers around 300 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Browse our range of available programs, and learn more about each department or graduate institute, and their respective application requirements and scholarship opportunities.

Before Applying…

  1. Can you apply as an International Student? Check your eligibility
  2. Check Academic Requirements
  3. Check Language Proficiency Requirements
  4. Check Conditional Admission
  5. Read Admission Guidelines:
    • 2025 February Entry Admission Guidelines (To be updated in July)
    • 2025 September Entry Admission Guidelines (To be updated in August)

Application Procedures

  • Create an account

    Create an account in our online application system. You are advised to remember the email address used for applying, as you will need it to log in to the system to modify application information, upload documents, and check your application status and results.

  • Fill in your personal information

    Personal information required include your full name in English (and Chinese, if applicable), date of birth, country of birth, e-mail, education, work experience, etc.

  • Select up to 5 departments

    Each applicant may apply to up to five departments/graduate institutes. Where an applicant receives more than one admission offer, they can only choose one department/graduate institute to enroll in.

  • Upload documents

    Documents Required for Eligibility Check

    • Graduation certificate: Students who are graduating in the current year should submit the provisional graduation certificate or the certificate of enrollment officially issued by the school.
    • Transcripts
    • Proof of nationality
    • Language proficiency required by NTU

    Documents Required by Department Committees for Academic Review

    • Language Proficiency Certificate
    • Recommendation Letters
    • Additional required documents

    Other Required Documents

    • Photograph
    • Payment receipt of application fee
    • Declaration and Authorization Form
    • Financial statement
    • Other materials that support the student’s application

    For further details regarding each required document, please refer to our admission guidelines.

  • Recommendation letters

    Writing the Recommendation Letter
    The recommendation letters must be written in either Mandarin Chinese or English. The recommender may choose to fill in the online recommendation letter (recommended option) or upload a scanned file of the recommendation letter. A hard copy of the recommendation letter is to be provided only upon request by the department/graduate institute.

    Finding a Recommender
    There is no hard rule as to who you should ask to be your recommender. However, we advise that your recommender be a teacher or employer that knows you well and can accurately portray your strengths and potential. If you are applying for more than one department/graduate institute, you may have only one recommender for all your programs, or different recommenders for each program. Note that if a recommender is recommending you for multiple programs, they will have to fill in or write a recommendation letter for each program.

    Number of Recommendation Letters
    Some departments/graduate institutes may request 1 or 2 recommendation letters, whereas some may not require that you submit any recommendation letters. Please refer to the application requirements to find out the number of recommendation letters required by your department/graduate institute. For each application, you may send up to 5 recommendation letter requests. You will be able to submit your application after the minimum required number of recommendation letters is uploaded. If the department/graduate institute requires 2 recommendation letters, but received 3 from your application, you will not be able to choose which letters will or will not get reviewed.

    Regarding the Application Deadline
    After filling in your recommenders’ information, you will be able to send out the recommendation letter requests through the application system to your recommenders’ e-mails. You will be able to check if your recommender has opened the e-mail, and whether they have uploaded a recommendation letter. The recommendation letters are considered part of your application. You will only be able to submit your application after the minimum number of recommendation letters have been uploaded. Please ensure that your recommender uploads the recommendation letters within the designated time frame.

  • Application fee

    Payment Form
    After completing the online application, the system will automatically generate a payment form. Please make sure the amount is correct, print out the form, and make the payment by bank remittance. Remember to upload the receipt to the online application system after the payment has been completed.

    Application Fee
    First-time Applicants: The application fee for first-time applicants is NTD 2,000 or USD 80 per department/graduate institute. Where an applicant applies for three or more departments/graduate institutes, the fee is NTD 1,500 or USD 60 per additional application from the third application onward.

    Former NTU students: The application fee for former NTU students is NTD 1,500 or USD 60 for each department/graduate institute. This reduction is applicable to all former degree students (including dual-degree students) and exchange students. Visiting and short-term students that applied through the Office of International Affairs are also eligible for this reduction, and are required to provide their NTU student ID number. Applicants without a student ID number will be considered first-time applicants.

    Payment methods

    1. Domestic (Taiwan) payments are only accepted in NT dollars.
    2. International payments are only accepted in US dollars.
    3. Online credit card payments: After successfully paying through the online credit card payment system, download the payment invoice, fill it in, and upload it to the online application system.

    After the payment is completed, no refund will be given under any circumstances, including but not limited to the withdrawal of application, failure to meet requirements, mistake in the payment and/or double payment.

  • Examinations and interviews

    Some departments/graduate institutes may require oral/written examinations or interviews. Please refer to the application requirements for each respective department/graduate institute.

How to Apply to NTU?

A short introduction to the International Degree Student Application System.

Online Application System

  • 2025 February Entry (Graduate programs only)

    Not Yet

    Application Period: August 5 (11AM) – October 3, 2024 (4PM)

  • 2025 September Entry (1st Round)

    Not Yet

    Application Period: October 4 (11AM) – December 5, 2023 (4PM)

  • 2025 September Entry (2nd Round)

    Not Yet

    Application Period: December 16, 2024 (11AM) – February 13, 2025 (4PM)

Important Dates

All deadlines and release times are at 4pm (GMT+8) on the following dates unless otherwise stated.

2025 February Entry
2025 February Entry Dates & Deadlines (2024)
Online application starts August 5, 11am
Online application deadline October 3
Admissions & scholarships decisions release date November 29
Admitted students reply deadline December 6
2025 September Entry
2025 September Entry Dates & Deadlines 1st Round (2024-2025) 2nd Round (2024-2025)
Online application starts October 4, 11am December 16, 11am
Online application deadline December 5 February 13
Admissions & scholarships decisions release date February 13* April 22
Admitted students reply deadline February 20 April 29
Final decisions release date (for waitlisted students) February 27 May 6

*First round applicants may find their results indicating “Postponed.”
Such applicants can check their application results via the second round application system on the release day of the second round application.

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