Future NTU

The goal of Future NTU is to build a learner-centered open university. The project began in 2019 with a series of small-scale dialogue sessions and workshops piloting with faculty and students across various disciplines. These workshops eventually expanded to involve more stakeholders including students, faculty members, staff, alumni, parents, and industry partners who care about education in Taiwan and NTU’s future. The program aims to break the restrictions regarding when to learn, where to learn, and how to learn. 

Action Plans

  • Design Your Own Course

    If you have an idea for a course, pitch it to D-School and it might become an actual NTU class!

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  • University-Level Individually Designed Bachelor’s Degree

    You don’t have to be limited by your college or your department. Your second major can take advantage of all that NTU has to offer.

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  • Trans-disciplinary Bachelor Degree Program

    You don’t have to be limited by any college or any department. Design your own degree!

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  • Field Expertise

    Gain multidisciplinary field expertise by participating in one of NTU’s 6 specialization programs.

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Next Up

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