Conditional Admission

Overseas students who are academically qualified for admission to NTU but with no Chinese language proficiency or below the required language levels (TOCFL Level 2) may first be granted conditional admission to study Chinese language courses, for one year at most, in order to achieve the level of Chinese proficiency required to officially enroll in academic programs.

General Conditional Admission


Academically qualified students who have applied for Chinese-taught programs through “Recommendation by Overseas High Schools” or the standard “International Student Individual Application” as Overseas Chinese students, Macau/Hong Kong students, or international students.

Language Proficiency Requirements:

Academically qualified international students who fall short of the department’s or graduate institute’s required Chinese level and are granted conditional admission must first study a Chinese-language program at the Chinese Language Division (CLD). They are to obtain a Chinese proficiency certificate at the required level or above within one year in order to be officially admitted to the University. The conditional admission will be cancelled if they fail to provide such documents within the one-year time frame.

Those who have been granted general conditional admission are responsible to pay for the CLD Chinese-language program fees.

Available Programs:

All Chinese-taught undergraduate and graduate programs.