College of Bio-Resources & Agriculture

The College of Bio-Resources & Agriculture’s academic program includes basic biology, life science theory, and various applied skills in increasing production and biological protection. The goal is to train students to understand life phenomena and related facts and methods to cultivate a working knowledge of applied biological technology. Since 1945 the college has steadily expanded its programs to meet the growing demands of agricultural research resulting in 12 departments & 3 graduate institutes. We have moved rapidly to develop agricultural production technology, agriculture management, agriculture environment protection, and agricultural sustainability to meet national agricultural demands and international agriculture research standards. 

  • Available for International and Overseas Chinese students

  • Only available for Overseas Chinese students

  • English-taught program

  • English-taught program

    (sufficient English courses to meet graduation requirements)

  • Chinese-taught program 

  • For the most accurate available degree programs and application requirements for oversea degree students, please refer to the the application website.
  • Only valid for the 2024/2025 School Year

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