Campus Life

NTU’s diverse and inclusive environment is where bridges are built and connections are made. Students come together and work alongside each other in class, in projects, and in life.

A fulfilling university life at NTU

Studying at National Taiwan University (NTU) guarantees to fulfill your curiosity on endless topics, no matter what major you are in. Learn about bug analysis, geological investigation, to viewing the stars in the milky way! Aside from studying in a pioneering educational environment, students at NTU take part in all sorts of engaging activities, events, and opportunities. Our main campus is also surrounded by shopping districts, night markets and numerous other establishments, and located in the center of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

Convenience at its best

Gongguan and Shida Night Market are only ten-minutes-walk away, providing traditional snacks to modern cuisine, with some open until dawn, accompanying your late-night studies. NTU also houses fast food chains like McDonald’s, MOS Burger and KFC on-campus, with additional 10% discounts for NTU students. There are a vast array of choices of food in NTU and nearby, catering to any kind of food requirements you might have.

Aside from food, numerous second-hand book stores, bakeries, banks, supermarkets, salons, and 24-hour convenience stores are all accessible within a ten-minute walk from NTU. Public transportation like MRT and bus stations, as well as public bicycles Youbike, are all right in front of the campus, making exploring outside hassle-free. Familiar stores like IKEA and Costco are also accessible within 30 minutes by MRT or bus. NTU is near countless options of food and stores to obtain your daily necessities from, making university life as convenient as can be.

Easy Life at NTU

Student Clubs

There is never a dull moment at NTU. With more than 400 student clubs, covering activities from business consulting to balloon art creating, you are more than likely to meet like-minded friends, both local and international. Students often find a second home at NTU among these clubs, no matter their interests. Even if none of these clubs catch your eye, there is always the option of starting your own club instead!


NTU Main Library

With 2.4 million volumes, the NTU Main Library is the largest university library in Taiwan. It has a large multimedia center with e-resources and leisure media students can borrow. It also has a 24-hour self-study space, discussion rooms and study carrels, providing the perfect place for students to prepare for class or do their research.

Sports facilities

Encouraging an active lifestyle, NTU provides a large variety of outdoor and indoor sports facilities, including a gymnasium, a running track, outdoor and indoor heated swimming pool, as well as sports grounds for basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, tennis, baseball, softball, handball, squash, etc. NTU students can also borrow most sports equipment free of charge.

Health Center

NTU has an on-campus Health Center that—on top of Taiwan’s affordable universal health care—provides lower appointment fees and ease of access exclusive to NTU students and faculty. In addition to providing diagnostic services by experienced family medicine (general practice) doctors, experts from other fields of medicine also provide high-quality first-line medical services.

Counseling Center

The NTU Student Counseling Center employs professional psychologists and social workers, and works to promote students’ mental health and psychological well-being. Furthermore, in efforts to provide an inclusive and comfortable environment for students seeking assistance, counseling is available in both Chinese and English. The center also holds the Office of Disability Support Services, working to make higher education more accessible to all.


International, Overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macau, and Mainland Chinese Students are prioritized for on-campus housing, with each dormitory providing a different experience. You can choose to live alone or have as many as 3 roommates. Furthermore, you can play pool, workout, hang out in the lounge and more in the public spaces of the dormitories.

Costs & Aid

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees vary depending on each college, the level of your degree, the year of your study, and your student status. They are inclusive of administrative, miscellaneous, and credit fees, meaning students can take electives without having to pay additional fees.


NTU believes that higher education should be accessible to all, regardless of financial capabilities. NTU, the government of Taiwan, and other organizations offer many different scholarships for students of different nationalities, undergraduate or graduate degrees, specific graduate programs, and even select Chinese learning programs. For scholarships for non-degree programs (exchange and visiting), please contact your home university.

Cost of living

The cost of living varies per individual. Despite being a modern metropolis, life in Taipei is budget-friendly. The estimated cost of living per semester (6 months), including books, housing, National Health Insurance and living expenses ranges between NTD 65,400 to NTD 156,000 (around USD 2,180–5,200). To further support yourself financially, international students can apply for a work permit, and can work in Taiwan for a maximum of 20 hours per week during the semester.

Work & career growth with NTU

Work while Studying

Students with a work permit can undertake paid internships and part-time jobs to support themselves financially and gain work experience at the same time. You can also take summer or winter internships, which are popular among NTU students, as it allows students to apply their knowledge into practical responsibilities. Students can also be teaching assistants as early as during sophomore year, depending on the teacher’s requirements.


We offer exceptional opportunities for our international students to kickstart their professional growth. Our tailor-made summer internship program aims to facilitate links between Taiwan and the global talent market, and also to inspire the leaders of tomorrow. The program not only provides internships, but also invites the senior managers of government agencies, foreign organizations, corporations, start-ups, chambers, research institutions, and non-profit organizations to serve as mentors for international students. The organizations we’re working with include TSMC, the Taiwan Representative Offices of a number of countries, the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan, and many more.

The program welcomes students from all backgrounds, including STEM subjects, business, and the humanities. Please visit NTU International Mentorship Program for more detailed information.

NTU Career Center

The NTU Career Center also provides professional resources such as career aptitude assessments and consultation, and also resume writing and interview skills workshops. The center constantly collects data to improve career development services and promote NTU Internship Programs to encourage students prepare for employment. Every year, the VISION NTU Campus Recruitment Events include an on-campus job fair where students will be able to directly interact with recruiters.