NTU Int’l College English-Taught Master’s Programs Admissions for 2022 SEP

NTU International College is devoted to cultivating future leaders by providing students with top-notch technologies for learning and development opportunities.

We capitalize on the strengths of Taiwan and offer degree program that respond to the evolving trends around the globe.

What we offer – Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic Science (Global ATGS) program, Biodiversity (MPB) program, and Smart Medicine and Health Informatics (Smart MHI) program. All three master’s programs are interdisciplinary and taught in English.

The second-round program applications for 2022 September Entry are open and welcome to join the NTU International College community!

Global ATGS has two specialized tracks:

◎ Digital Agriculture Science and Technology

◎ Genomic Science and Breeding Technology

MPB focuses on the two main themes:

◎ Biodiversity Science

◎ Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainability

Smart MHI offers core curriculum that is based on three foci:

◎ Personalized and Smart Medicine

◎ Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

◎ Biomedical Signal and Processing

All the above programs provide scholarships for prospective students to apply, and the internship opportunity in industry / international research organizations is part of the curriculum.

For further details:

◎ International College Website: https://intl.ntu.edu.tw/

◎ Apply for your Master Degree

Application Portal: OIA system

Application Period: Now to February 24, 2022

◎ Contact: Ms. Yvonne Tsai (yvonnetsai0000@ntu.edu.tw)