📢 [2025 Undergraduate September Entry] Recommendation by Overseas High Schools Opens on August 5, 2024

💯Choose NTU, Aim for the Top 100

The Undergraduate Admission through Recommendation by Overseas High Schools provides a platform for students to showcase their potential. With your high school teachers’ recommendations, your talents can shine. NTU, a learner-centered institution, will stand by you, empowering you to shape your future and achieve limitless possibilities.


NTU Takes You to Embrace the World with Interdisciplinary English Programs

NTU is a comprehensive university with a full range of disciplines. By integrating Taiwan’s bilingual policy with future industry trends, we have developed interdisciplinary programs that meet the global demand for talent:

➡️Semiconductor / Intelligent Engineering & Technology / Biotechnology & Food Nutrition


NTU Helps You Shape Yourself with Flexible Learning Options

NTU aims to cultivate interdisciplinary talents with direction and autonomy. We break the existing department boundaries and establish the “NTU Academic Advising Office,” providing multiple flexible learning options:

➡️NTU Academic Advising Office / Specialization Program / University Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Program (UIBP)


NTU Supports You to Connect to the Future with Career Exploration Programs

NTU will celebrate its centennial in 2028. As Taiwan’s most representative and globally visible higher education institution, we are committed to ” A Centenary of Perseverance Preluding a Century of Prominence.” To enable students to explore their careers during their studies, emphasizing the integration of learning and application, and to pass on the remarkable achievements of our alumni, we have launched several career exploration programs:

➡️NTU International Mentorship Program / NTU Overseas Internship Program / NTU Master Talk


Join us in celebrating NTU’s Centennial and become part of the next generation of NTU students. Together, we can realize the vision of “National Taiwan University (NTU), the University of the World.”


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📢 [2025 Undergraduate September Entry] Recommendation by Overseas High Schools Opens on August 5, 2024
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