Huynh Minh Phuc

Huynh Minh Phuc (Vietnamese)
Department of Finance

Schooling is always challenging, let alone studying in a totally new country, but it opened up a whole new world to me.

My name is Huynh Minh Phuc. I am now a sophomore in the Department of Finance, National Taiwan University. Eight-teen years old, I flew to Taiwan with 40 kilograms of luggage, knowing nothing about this island except the address of my university campus. I was amazed by everything around me: the highway that seamlessly made itself through mountains, the buildings that rose with Taiwan Economic Miracle, and the people who treated me like I was home. I came to another world.

It is never easy to settle into a new life thousands of miles away from home, especially when I couldn’t even speak the language. There was culture shock; there was language barrier; and definitely, there was terrible homesickness. That is not to mention the study, the coursework and the exams, which are always a nightmare to every college student.

However, I just made my way through the semesters, getting over every fear and difficulty, trying to balance my study and social life, with the help of those amazing people around me. There are friends who will be more than willing to help you, and there are professors who will be your invaluable mentor with their rounded knowledge and experience of not only in the field but also in life.

Looking back at the years that I’ve been staying in Taiwan, I do know that it’s totally worth it. Now having 25 credits per semester, joining a school orchestra and a sport team at the same time, I truly hope that I can make the most out of my college time in Taiwan and continue exploring this whole new world.

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