Hakan Pinar

Hakan Pinar (German)
Exchange Student Program

I arrived in Taiwan a little bit more than 6 months ago. I still like it very much staying here and attending the NTU. I learned two years of Chinese before arriving in Taiwan so I was kind of confident with the language. But when I arrive here, I was kind of frustrated, because I couldn’t talk as much and I couldn’t understand the people here, since they talk way different than my teachers in Germany, and way faster. But I got used to it now and communicating with the people is not as hard anymore.

I am still very happy that the Taiwanese people are super friendly, open and helpful to foreigners. There are a lot of things to do with the free time here. I never went to hiking in Germany but after arriving here, I do it regularly now, explore the beautiful nature Taiwan while staying fit. The opening times of stores are different and I had to get used to it, I often went out during the afternoon break and couldn’t find a lot of choices to eat. Eating is an important topic here in Taiwan. I regularly go to the night markets. We don’t have something similar in Germany.

I love the international environment in the student dorm; you can meet people from all over the world.

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